Link Learning

KSA has developed course material in line with the Australian Curriculum. Students will work with Year Level Maths and English and a Linked learning Project designed to immerse students in a number of learning opportunities across a rang of Leaning Areas. Each Project has been designed to cater for both students in a multi-age and single student schoolrooms.

In 2018 the 5 Linked Learning Projects are:

- Project Earth Rocks

- Project Civilisations

- Project Maker

- Project Among the Gum Trees

- Project Food Lab

Individual Learning Plans

The purpose of the ILP is for students to work with their teachers to set learning goals, identify what strategies they will undertake to improve and monitor progress towards the goals.  At KSA ILPs are created by Week 3 of Term 1 and maintained throughout the year for students in Transition to Year 9 and semester 2 only for Preschool.

The Australian Curriculum – Transition to Year 9

The Australian Curriculum is designed to teach your child what it takes to be
confident and creative individual and to become an active and informed citizen.
It sets the goal for what your child should learn as they progress through their
school life – wherever they live in Australia and whatever school they 

From 2016 Northern Territory schools has been use the Australian Curriculum to
plan, teach, assess and report your child’s progress from the first year of
schooling to Year 9. The curriculum includes three dimensions:

Knowledge and Skills

The eight learning areas describe the knowledge and skills your child will 

Health and Physical Education
Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)


The general capabilities describe the knowledge, skills, behaviours and
dispositions your child needs to live and work successfully in the twenty-first
century. The capabilities are addressed through the content of the learning 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Critical and Creative Thinking
Personal and Social
Ethical Understanding
Intercultural Understanding


The cross curriculum priorities describe the regional, national and global
perspectives to developing the knowledge, skills and understandings. The
priorities are addressed through the content of the learning areas:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
Asia and
Australia’s Engagement with Asia

Northern Territory Curriculum Framework

In addition to the Australian Curriculum, teachers will continue to use the
Northern Territory Curriculum Framework to plan, teach, assess and report the 

Further Information

For further information about the Australian Curriculum visit the new ‘Parent information’ section of the Australian Curriculum
website. On this page you will find that the Australian Curriculum,
Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released a suite of materials
designed for parents. These materials include seven fact sheets, written in
plain English to describe what is typically taught in each learning area at
different year levels throughout school. The materials were developed in
consultation with parents and are available as PDF documents that can be printed